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COVID 19: Early Detection Can Save Lives

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Viral epidemics like MERS, SARS, COVID 19, Ebola etc. have created a Worldwide demand for suitable screening techniques allowing fast, discreet and non contact screening of individuals to help with containment and prevention of the spread of the disease.

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Auto Body Temperature Screening

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Temperature Measurement Technology Made In Germany

OPTRIS is a global technology leader in infrared thermal imaging and night vision systems. OPTRIS manufactures and distributes active and passive infrared imaging and night vision cameras. These complex camera systems are used for monitoring, protecting and managing facilities and people.

In order to ensure the high quality of Optris products, 90 per cent of the production – as well as product  development – is carried out at their headquarters in Berlin.

OPTRIS has supplied systems for use in demanding military, public health, homeland security, and industrial applications to customers in North America and across the world.

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OPTRIS specializes in innovative temperature measurement technologies. The quality and flexibility of the sensors and thermal imaging cameras offer a
variety of benefits and ensure cost savings.

Fast Detection • Zero Contact • High Volume • Automatic Alerts

The Optris Camera and PIXConnect


Thermal Imagaing Camera

High performance for a wide range of applications. The high performance Optris® PI 400i infrared camera has a wide range of uses in industry. 

For example, thermal image shots help to monitor processes and ensure the quality of manufactured products in the automotive field in particular, in the manufacturing of plastics as well as in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.

  • The smallest camera in its class (45 x 45 x 60 – 75 mm)
  • Very good thermal sensitivity at 75 mK
  • Thermal image recording up to 80 Hz• Interchangeable lenses & industrial accessories
  • Lightweight (195 g incl. lens)
  • Detector with 382 x 288 pixels
  • Includes license-free analysis software and full SD
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
Fever Inspection of Passengers
Fever Inspection of Passengers
Tear Duct Has The Closest Correlation With Core Temperature
Tear Duct Has The Closest Correlation With Core Temperature
PI640 With 33° Lens
PI640 With 33° Lens
Medial Canthus or Tear Duct Scanning
Medial Canthus or Tear Duct Scanning
Automated Temperature Screening With Plug and Play Interface
Automated Temperature Screening With Plug and Play Interface
Screening of Passengers At Airports
Screening of Passengers At Airports
Table Tripod Camera Mount
Table Tripod Camera Mount
Optris PI450 Camera With Tablet
Optris PI450 Camera With Tablet
Miniature PC As An Add-on For Stand-alone Systems
Miniature PC As An Add-on For Stand-alone Systems
Fever Inspection of Passengers
Tear Duct Has The Closest Correlation With Core Temperature
PI640 With 33° Lens
Medial Canthus or Tear Duct Scanning
Automated Temperature Screening With Plug and Play Interface
Screening of Passengers At Airports
Table Tripod Camera Mount
Optris PI450 Camera With Tablet
Miniature PC As An Add-on For Stand-alone Systems

Real Time Data Monitoring

Pandemic Prevention & Control

IR Camera based Fever Screening accepted for many years in Asian markets. Airports in Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout China are using IR cameras.


Intelligent Measurement Algorithm

Cutting edge software that runs on a standard PC making installation and operation easy.


Automatic Temperature Alarm

Alarm alerts operator when skin temperature goes above predefined alarm threshold.


Comprehensive Data Logging

Extensive data logging and snap shot function of IR image allows improved tracking.

Answers To Your Questions

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Thermal imaging cameras, also called infrared cameras, detect the heat given off by an object or person. Thermal imaging cameras have lenses, just like visible light cameras. But in this case the lens focuses waves from the infrared energy present in all objects onto an infrared sensor array. Thousands of sensors on the array convert the infrared energy into electrical signals, which create a video image. The infrared camera measures and displays a “thermal profile” of objects in relation to the temperature of surrounding objects. So a person, warmer than the surrounding air, appears “white” while the cooler surrounding air or buildings will appear in varying shades of gray.

Unfortunately, not every thermal camera is appropriate for body temperature screening applications. Obtaining actionable data requires adequate thermal resolution and measurement accuracy, as well as the correct preparation and scanning methodology. The Optris temperature screening software and hardware is specifically designed for mass screening of body temperatures.

Thermal cameras are being used today in public spaces such as airports and hospitals and by essential services such as manufacturing and shipping as an effective tool for measuring skin surface temperature. People who are identified as having an elevated skin temperature can then be screened by medical professionals using additional tools such as an oral thermometer.

Thermal screening is not designed to act as a medical diagnostic tool.  Thermal screening can however be deployed as an additional aid in screening potential COVID-19 carriers.

How close the individual needs to be to the camera depends upon the resolution of the camera. Resolutions of less than 382 x 288 are therefore not recommended for mass screening. Additionally the target should fill the field of view to enable precise measurements. Dramatic variations in ambient temperatures can also impact measurements. The right resolution and correct subject distance will minimize false negative percentages.

Not really. Although, if, for example, a suspect had a gun under their shirt, its exterior area would appear “cooler” to the camera and indicate to police that someone may be carrying a gun.

The infrared thermal imaging camera detects the infrared radiation emitted by the object itself and forms an image of the surface temperature distribution of the object. The higher the temperature of the object, the greater the infrared radiation energy will be.  Infrared human body temperature measurement combined with intelligent software algorithms enables fast, convenient monitoring and discrimination of body temperature in public settings.


  • There is a strong correlation between core body temperatures and measurements made with IR cameras.
  • Thermal imaging is not intended for use as a medical diagnostic tool but as an additional aid to screening a large sample size for individuals with heightened temperature profiles. 

No, those “greenish” images are really night vision, not thermal imaging. These cameras, which consumers can buy for a few hundred dollars, amplify dim available light to simulate daylight. Thermal imaging cameras are more expensive and don’t rely on visible light. Instead, they produce a “thermal profile,” which highlights the temperature differences of objects.

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Mass Screening Made Easy

Diverse Applications

Schools, hospitals, airports, churches, offices, banks, public transport, manufacturing, grocery stores etc. are some examples of potential sectors that could benefit from deploying this technology.

Body temperature screening is not a medical diagnostic tool. It may be used in combination with other medical diagnostic tools as an additional aid in identifying individuals with temperatures above a predefined threshold.

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