Real Time Video Monitoring Services

Venguard is a leading provider of advanced remote real-time-video access cctv control monitoring and management.


Your cameras are always in the proper hands. The technicians in our company routinely check the camera feeds, resolving any issues found quickly and at no additional cost. Venguard is not just a security monitoring service: we offer real-time concierge service tailored to meet your individual needs.


At Venguard, security is our priority. For this reason, we also offer part-time guard services in addition to the monitoring prices, with several hybrid packages available. You can take comfort in knowing that this package would still be cheaper than an average security guard but will protect your work site nonetheless.

Real Time

The live feed available from the cameras can be accessed right in your pocket! By downloading our app or the desktop software, you can switch between every camera in real-time, including monitoring different cameras, at different properties, at whichever time you need, or pre-set times for your convenience.

Enhanced Video Monitoring Service

Even the most sophisticated security equipment cannot guarantee the perfect protection of people, property or assets. It is a system that can utilize this gadgetry to the fullest capabilities while saving time and money, but not cutting on performance. Welcome to Venguard, where  innovative and practical solutions exist together. Our services will always continue to improve and evolve to bring the most sophisticated technology like never seen before in this industry. At Venguard, we offer a streamlined system of only the highest quality crafted to every customer’s unique needs. Our plethora of services available, including the incorporation of real-time video monitoring, guarantees the best performance possible for an ultimate protection system.

Security Solutions For All Businesses

& Environmental
Oil & Gas
High Rise

Security is evolving the way the universe moves and seamlessly protecting your most valuable assets by providing solutions. When You Need Accurate, informed and real-time Video Monitoring Services, There’s Venguard.

Entire Property Coverage At Competitive Prices

Current solutions to property surveillance are mediocre, at best. They are either pricey or may not always let you intervene when problems come forth. Now, thanks to the technology available to Venguard, we offer a solution to both: full site coverage, with services that provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, real-time video monitoring through the use of our analytic cameras. Once our cameras are installed by the special care of our technicians, optimized for maximum angle coverage, our trained operators view the broadcast via their remote stations. Each person or vehicle entering the property triggers an alarm, which is looked into by our operators to investigate.

We can contact the needed authorities in less than 10 seconds for more than 95% of all alarms triggered. Our company is reputable, with real-time footage of possible threats, therefore police prioritize our calls as level one. Most other security companies rank level three. The prompt response time greatly reduces the chance of trespassers causing damage and overall will provide clients with the protection they need.

At Venguard, the security services we provide can track events and create archives of all events accordingly. Included in our video monitoring services is the ability to receive in-depth, monthly reports on events taking place at your locations, noting any irregularities and the actions taken against them. These reports are available both to you and the authorities in case they should require so for their investigations. Venguard’s comprehensive reporting will automatically generate your detailed reports at regular intervals or when requested for any reason. These reports will always be archived in the case that they are needed for any reason, eliminating the need to worry about missing documentation.

Cost Savings

With the low maintenance fees created by our concierge service, focusing on creating attractive and sellable fees has never been easier; especially since our real time services are only a fraction of the cost of a full, 24-Hour concierge!

Custom Packages

Our customizable service packages costs can be over 50% lower when compared to a 24-Hour security guard service, yet more effective, offering more than simply one guard.

24x7 Connectivity

The software of Venguard is where customers can receive notifications and communicate with one another. Features include incident reports, placing requests for service, reading announcements, booking amenity rooms etc.

Flood Prevention

Venguard also offers water sensing floorboards, equipt with MDU and Commercial integration which will help prevent leaking or flooding damage at your property.

Serving The Construction Industry

Construction time-lapse camera systems are available at Venguard, picking up anywhere from hours to years of work and compressing this into one powerful video, lasting only a few minutes. This is the best way to modernly advertise the amazing amount of work put into your projects, rather than showing simple, non-dynamic power points that do not include the beautiful achievement you have created.

Similar to the monitoring services, time-lapse cameras can begin at a very early stage. Once the property is inspected by our team and the beginning time is set, we will start filming the process. The time-lapse can be reviewed and edited at any time needed, with your input as well, making it possible to show the video in day-to-day presentations. Our expertise in video editing is available on call and site, eliminating the need for a professional photography service. We will set you up with access to the footage from all the devices you use so you may review it regularly. No building is the same, therefore neither are our time-lapses: each video is consulted by both you and our technicians to make sure your exact, unique needs are met. The final video product will be available both on disc and through internet uploads. The video can be customized to fit any platform, device, or audience needed with the help of our technicians, who will assist with the uploading process. Should you require extra copies, archived videos will be ready for your use.

Only the finest equipment is used in the production of the time-lapse construction video: ultra-HD (4k+) footage shot with the Sony Fs7 and RED Epic® Digital Cinema to edit; both of which produce crisp, clean footage and are incredibly reputable. If construction occurs in a remote area where power is not yet available, Venguard can use solar setups to capture the footage instead.

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